Qubic is celebrating 25 years of delivering solutions

Our success is based on our ability to understand; your business, its processes, its key drivers of success and what you need to achieve. With many years of experience and a depth of technical expertise, we can recommend and deliver the solutions to help you maintain your competitive edge and achieve your goals. We understand one size does not fit all – we can design a solution to suit your requirements.

We are able to deliver global solutions; backed by world-class accreditations, working with industry leading technology partners and supported by our team of highly-trained engineers, many of who have grown-up with the company.

We have risen to the challenges of the new world culture that requires service on-demand, 24 hours a day.

Qubic has continued to meet the complex and challenging demands of customers such as the police, barristers, local authorities and hospitals where the focus is on highly competent and secure service; by meeting these standards, we have retained many of these organisations as customers for more than 15 years.

We pride ourselves in providing an attentive and personal service.