Python 2 is risky, says the UK cybersecurity agency

The UK cybersecurity agency issued a warning to all developers: Python 2 is risky to use due to the risks and code breakage associated with it.

Instead, they are recommending a move towards 3.x. Another reason to do so is the fact that 2.x is nearing its end-of-support date which is scheduled to take place on the very first day of 2020.

NCSC believes that porting code from 2.x to 3.x is the right solution. The consequence of not doing so is that vulnerabilities might start popping up at a time when no one is going to be fixing them any longer. In a motivational post to convince developers to upgrade to 3.x, NCSC has listed a couple of benefits and reasons for them to consider it.

According to NCSC, there is always the option of paying a commercial company to assist you with the migration. At any rate, remaining passive about the matter is just about the worst thing one can do, as such a mentality may open you up to becoming the victim of WannaCry and similar malware that takes advantage of vulnerabilities.

Despite it slowly becoming outdated, Python 2 has seen a tremendous amount of success in developer circles. First making its appearance in the 90s, nowadays, it holds the crown of being one of the world’s most discussed and best paid programming languages.

In fact, major production environments use it, including giants like Netflix, Facebook and Google. In the years to come, it’s predicted to become bigger than Java and C.