Pull Panda is now in the hands of Microsoft

Microsoft is now the owner of Pull Panda, a GitHub tool vendor. The value of the deal is still an unknown variable.

According to Microsoft officials, Pull Panda’s technology will go towards the purposes of improving code-review workflows.

Initially, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Pull Panda for $7.5 billion in June 2018. As of right now, Pull Panda is about one and a half years old. During the code-review process, the following is provided:

– Pull Analytics. This tool provides stats for anyone who wants to do some analysis. It encompasses a wide range of variables, including the top contributors and wait times.

– Pull Reminders. Whenever a collaboration is in need of a review, developers are notified through these.

– Pull Assigner. This is a handy tool for distributing code across team members in a fully automated fashion.

If you’re interested in giving these a spin, you’ll be delighted to know that they are available free of charge. Bundled in one complete package to answer your every need, they can be accessed from what is known as Pull Panda, a single GitHub Marketplace application.

As for Enterprise plan subscriptions, Microsoft has decided to discontinue them. However, if you’re one of the existing Enterprise plan customers, you will now be offered a replacement through Pull Panda’s on-premises offerings.

The future of the platform and its development is still unknown. However, Microsoft officials did say that these features will eventually be integrated into GitHub. Currently, no deadlines and timelines regarding this are known.