Private Join and Compute by Google is now open source

Private Join and Compute is a known tool used for the purposes of encrypting data before it is shared between two parties to discover commonalities. Google has now decided to make it open source.

In the name of privacy and cybersecurity, on Wednesday, Google has declared that the Private Join and Compute tool will be open source. The tool is an invaluable asset for organisations who wish to work with confidential data sets.

According to Sarvar Patel and Moti Yung from Google, combining data sets from independent parties is the key to answering many important business, research, and social questions.

In essence, Private Join and Compute is a cryptographic tool that accomplishes the task of encrypting a set of data before sharing it with another party. The main focus of the tool is to make sure that the data exchanged by the parties remains encrypted all throughout the process, thus making sure that no one can intercept or read it except the intended recipients.

In fact, the only factor that remains decrypted is the aggregated statistics, which can be shared between the organisations to make comparisons and uncover commonalities and gain valuable insights.

Google believes that Private Join and Compute could find its place in many industries that go far beyond academia, some of which include car safety, healthcare and public policy. Patel and Yung hope that, by sharing the tool and making it open source, the use cases for secure computing can be expanded even more.