Potential to double profits with cloud computing

A study has shown that some businesses have been able to double their profits by making the switch to cloud computing services.

The study, which was carried out by Pb7 Research and software company Exact, revealed that small businesses that have already made the switch have seen a doubling of profits and a revenue growth of 25% on average. The results of the survey were unexpected, with some businesses making even more money.

It is thought that the results of the survey might encourage those who have been reluctant to move to the cloud in the past. Providers have been boosting the number of security features connected to the cloud, which has helped to make it much more appealing, and the lower IT costs, low maintenance and the possibilities of better productivity have also helped to encourage businesses to make the switch.

Small businesses that are struggling financially could benefit from the lower IT and maintenance costs, and there is not a great deal of time or resources needed. The provider takes responsibility for ensuring that the latest programmes are available. As the cloud enables data and software to be accessed from the vast majority of locations, most employees will find it easier to work and this offers more flexibility for companies. There is also improved collaboration between workers when the cloud is being used.

The results of this study are being used to encourage businesses to see past some of the negativity surrounding cloud computing and to take advantage of the benefits it offers