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October Films
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October Films


Qubic provides fully supported high-speed connectivity.

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October Films is an independent television production company based in London and New York. We produce high-quality, innovative programmes across factual genres for major global broadcasters.October films has been a customer 2009. When we took over the IT, October films stood at around 30 employees which required basic IT support for their IT servers and infrastructure and staff. Since that time October films have grown to around 250 globally. October films took a 24/7 proactive service, where their entire estate would be monitored and remediated 24/7 and all staff would have access to a helpdesk that could assist with issues, should they arise.We continue to assist with the growth at October films, by replacing all desktops within the business from a capex expenditure model to a rental service. This meant that October Films had access to the latest machines and software, immediate replacements should they break (including a spare pool of machines on site) and a model that could assist the business financially.

The growth of the company and expansion overseas also meant that the data communications become even more important. October films needed fast internet speeds and fast access from overseas. Qubic provided dedicated leased lines, expanding recently to dedicated MPLS connections, as additional sites were added, as well as backup lines to improve redundancy. The overseas and remote working of production staff, including the regular recruitment of new staff, meant that a secure VPN connection was no longer adequate for the business. Qubic therefore implemented a terminal server farm that allowed immediate access to documents and applications, whilst keeping all data secure and local to the servers and organisation. This then also meant that a standard backup server was no longer enough. Qubic therefore implemented a true DR solution, meaning that data was snapshotted every 15 minutes to provide a complete recovery solution at any point.

Working with October Films over the many years has been both exciting and rewarding, in seeing them grow to the size of company they are today.