Poor broadband affecting productivity

Slow broadband, snailNew data has shown that the majority of UK residential and business broadband users are being affected by poor broadband speeds.

A survey has been carried out by a provider that queried more than 2000 customers. More than half believe that their current connectivity is inadequate when the increase in online activity is taken into consideration. About 52% of people use their own connection at home for working and around 30% of these have reported a downturn in productivity due to poor speeds.

Some customers have had to resort to using their mobile data package to complete tasks, with around 20% of people having admitted to using somebody else’s Wi-Fi. The researchers have said that even though providers are working hard to ensure that superfast broadband is brought to as many people as possible, users of residential and business broadband are still disappointed with the speeds that they are receiving.

The research shows that customers are most concerned about losing access to online banking services and administrative functions. This is followed by the use of communications apps and the streaming of online video.

The results of the survey have been revealed just as the government announced that the remaining 5% of the country that has not been given access to the faster services will have to request it, as it will not be supplied automatically. This is despite experts stating that good quality broadband has become extremely important to daily life, and calling upon the government to address the issue of poor broadband provision.