Pay off the technical debt if you’re pursuing digital transformation

Studies show that paying off technical debt is the way to get digital transformation in motion.

Accenture surveyed 1000 C-level executives and 70% say that old technical debt is keeping their hands tied from innovating and introducing new technology, while 72% say this kind of debt is the exact reason why they are having trouble with assimilating new technologies.

IDG and Insight Enterprises surveyed a group of executives, from which 64% find that legacy infrastructure and processes hinder them from engaging in digital transformation processes.

Adam Burden from Accenture explained that it’s quite time-consuming to shake off old technical debt. Their survey revealed that 70% of executives would like to preserve their old systems as long as possible. He suggested the following steps to take in order to keep moving forward and gradually parting ways with debt:

  1. Migrate data from legacy systems

Move it to data lakes where it can be transformed for current and future applications.

  1. Move applications from legacy infrastructure

Running applications on legacy infrastructure are inefficient since it incurs high computing costs.

  1. Transfer the business systems from one another

The days when every single process used to run on the same machine are long gone.

  1. Decouple IT talent from traditional silos

Sophisticated use of consumer data is the way to improving e-commerce sales. Budgets should be allocated towards upgrades, maintenance and improvements of IT systems. As an added benefit, this will prevent new technological debt from accumulating.