Passwordless sign-in option in the latest Microsoft Windows test build

The latest test build of Windows (Windows 10 20H1) will feature a passwordless sign-in option for those in the Insiders group. Let’s take a look at what’s under the lid.

Microsoft is known for adding new features to its operating system as time goes on. The latest addition follows a similar trend; to enable it, go to Settings – Account – Sign-in options. As an alternative to having to log-in with your password, the following options are presented:


– Windows Hello Face

– Fingerprint

Only a small percentage of Insiders will be able to test it out in the beginning. However, in a week’s time, the percentage is bound to increase some more.

In related news, Microsoft Azure Active Directory has gained support for FIDO2 security keys, although it is still in preview. In practical terms, this means that you’ll now be able to use FIDO2 security keys to authenticate a Windows 10 Azure Active Directory user on a joined device.

Further elaborating on today’s build, it’s worth noting that you now have an option to create a quick event straight from the taskbar. This is done by right-clicking on the date section. After doing this, a calendar menu will pop up, from where you can pick a desired date and location.

Your Phone companion app is getting its phone screen feature expanded to additional PCs. This is a feature that will be available on certain devices, including Surface Laptop, Laptop 2, and Surface Book 2 once Build 18936 goes live.