Oracle is taking its IoT offerings to a new level

Oracle is making significant efforts to step up its IoT game. Among the new additions are the embedded artificial intelligence to its IoT cloud applications and workflow threads between enterprise systems connecting the IoT to corporate data.

The company aims to achieve easier deployments and to deliver more business value. According to their views, the business value is driven by combining IoT technology with corporate and customer data.

Their developers are also trying to blend in modern technology like augmented and virtual reality to influence how we’re going to be handling inventory tracking and preventative maintenance in the future.

Lionel Chocron, Oracle’s vice president of IoT Solutions, mentioned that their goal is to make IoT easy, and that they will be focusing on business outcomes. He also noted that they are looking at technologies such as AR and VR, and that certain sectors like manufacturing are driving interest. According to Oracle, business decision makers are looking for integrated apps they can be quickly incorporated.

The IoT apps in the field will take advantage of enhanced features designed to allow for predictive and automated workflows with ERP and supply chain systems. To reach into the marketplace a bit further, Oracle has broadened its roster of IoT device and systems integration partners.

In essence, Oracle’s approach is to combine corporate data with IoT applications. They are looking to combine applications, data, and IoT. The theory is that an aggregation platform could pull in all the data from various systems, which should drive business value for IoT.