Oracle expands cloud products for business

Oracle has added to the range of products it offers to cloud computing business users.

Oracle has launched two new products designed to help companies to complete a ‘quote to cash’ system entirely within the cloud: Oracle Order Management Cloud and Oracle Global Order Promising Cloud. These are designed to work with the company’s Supply Chain Management Cloud and will help companies to manage orders and fulfil them easily and efficiently.

The Order Management Cloud is designed to focus on capturing and fulfilling the order, with the aim of ensuring better order handling. Users will benefit from improved order monitoring and will be better able to manage order exceptions. There will also be no need for technical programming tools for implementing individual fulfilment policies, making it easy for IT personnel to integrate the product into existing cloud and IT systems.

The Global Order Promising Cloud will help companies to ensure that orders are sourced and scheduled to keep costs to a minimum and ensure the best customer service possible. It will be able to check against current stock and check against a number of different sources. Orders can be handled in an automated way, allowing companies to save when it comes to administration and logistics.

Both the new Oracle products are designed to work with the current cloud services to cover the entire sales process from the original quote to the final management of revenue.