Oracle and Intel form partnership

Oracle has revealed that it is forming a new partnership with Intel to encourage customers to move to newer cloud computing systems.

The idea is to get customers away from the older and more outdated cloud computing services, including those offered by IBM. The new partnership, which has been named Project Apollo, will demonstrate to customers how they can set up powerful datacentres for cloud computing using the hardware and chips provided by Oracle and Intel. The benefits for the customers are that they can save money and improve performance.

The launch of the new partnership was announced by the CEOs of Intel and Oracle – Brian Krzanich and Mark Hurd respectively – at San Francisco Oracle Open World 2015. Mr Hurd said that thousands of customers have already been encouraged by Intel to run Oracle systems.

Mr Krzanich confirmed that the two companies are committed to innovating when it comes to data centres and that now is a good time to push technology forwards. The partnership will be boosted by Exa Your Power, which is a new programme that helps customers to move over from IBM systems to those operated by Oracle.

The new initiative has been jointly funded by Oracle and Intel and should offer the faster and more effective running of SaaS apps. The vice-president of Oracle Platform Business, Karen Sigman, said that thousands of companies have already been able to move over to systems operated by Oracle and that this partnership is an extension that can bring many benefits.