Openreach defends broadband roll-out

BT Openreach has defended itself against criticisms of its roll-out of superfast residential and business broadband.

Openreach is the division of BT responsible for installing and maintaining the infrastructure needed to provide the faster services. Superfast broadband must have speeds of at least 24Mbps and this infrastructure can then be used by all service providers that offer faster internet services to both residential and business properties.

The company has come in for a great deal of criticism recently over the amount of time it is taking to install the necessary fibre cabling. Some urban areas are still waiting for the faster services and some rural areas have been seeing lower internet speeds than they were promised, with some rural areas having no coverage at all.

The chief executive of Openreach, Joe Garner, spoke to the BBC to defend the work his organisation has been undertaking. He stated that he can understand the frustration of those who do not yet have superfast broadband in their area; however, he also pointed out that the country now has 90% coverage and that the work is continuing at a good pace to reach those who do not yet have access to the required services.

There have been calls to separate Openreach from BT, which Mr Garner has firmly rejected. Ofcom is considering forcing this move on the company, as it believes the performance of the division has not been good enough on too many occasions.