Online data security overwhelming for 45% of consumers

Last Wednesday, Symantec released Norton Cybersecurity Insights Report, concluding that in 2015, the number of cybercrime victims increased by 10% globally. According to the report, 45% of those surveyed stated that they were overwhelmed by the amount of information requiring protection.

The survey included 20,907 consumers from 21 different countries, with more than 1000 from the US.

Kevin Haley, Norton’s director of security, believes that people have not been doing enough, even though they are aware of that being an issue.

One in five customers did not have any kind of protection shielding their IoT devices, and 44% of them believed they would not be targeted by hackers, because they did not have enough connected devices to make them an interesting target.

The study also found that victims were twice as likely to share their passwords as non-victims, making them more susceptible to hackers.

Last month, cybercriminals managed to compromise over 100K IoT devices, which were used to take down several internet giants like Netflix and Twitter.

James Lyne, Sophos’ global head of security, thinks this is just the beginning of cybercriminals starting to get creative with how to use the Internet of Things. According to him, this recent activity just felt like a test attack.

The Norton survey was concluded before the attack. Even so, researchers have kept discovering numerous data security vulnerabilities for years. For example, in March 2015, Symantec identified 50 vulnerabilities in smart home devices.