Ofcom calls for faster broadband installation

broadband-internetOfcom has stated that BT will now have to install business broadband services much more quickly.

The new recommendations will mean that the company will have to ensure that high-speed internet services are in place within 46 days. This target will be in place by the end of March next year. The regulator is also demanding that the cost of installations be reduced, so that rivals using the network are paying fairer prices.

Ofcom has said that within the last five years, the average time for installation of a new line has gone to 48 days, up from 40 days. In March 2018, the regulator wants this to be brought down to 40 working days. Vodafone has said that the changes in pricing will help the UK to keep pace with other countries.

BT has admitted that it can do more to improve services but it has said that when it comes to Ethernet provision, the situation can be very complicated and it is unhappy about the proposed price cuts. The proposals from Ofcom have been suggested just a month after the watchdog said that it would be imposing better service standards on the company’s networks arm, Openreach. However, the new rules have not yet been finalised and they will need to be approved by the European Commission.

Vodafone still believes that Openreach should be separated from BT, but BT has said that the industry could do with less regulation rather than more. Ofcom believes that the new rules will lead to a more consistent level of service from the company.