Observe promises to become the all-in-one analytics integration tool

Observe, a start-up based in California, has built a tool capable of taking data that goes into various programs and analysing it collectively.

These programs include:

  • Dynatrace
  • Splunk
  • Datadog
  • Elastic
  • Sumo

The company believes that this strategy will allow it to gain an advantage against other established vendors.

In other words, why buy a myriad of different analytics tools if one will suffice?

Moreover, the Observe program goes beyond that due to having the capacity to see and display the connections between these data points – after all, they are all under one hat.

Jeremy Burton, the chief executive officer at Observe, said that this gives the end consumer the additional context for the problem at hand.

He believes that Observe’s methodology is a fast and efficient way of resolving problems as they appear.

As the name itself suggests, Observe is built around the concept of ‘observability’, a term that was coined by Rudolf E. Kálmán, a scientist and inventor, in the 1960s.

In essence, his philosophy as it relates to problem solving suggests that working backwards from the output of an engineered system that can be controlled yields the quickest path towards identifying the cause of the problem.

Observe takes this core principle and applies it to a computer environment.

It is the best of multiple worlds, covering analytics, metrics monitoring and application performance monitoring.

That being said, the company’s ambition would not be possible to execute without Snowflake, a data store utilised by Observe that allows it to tap into a slew of data formats.

Burton happens to be on Snowflake’s board of directors, which is what helped pave the way for him to launch his own start-up.

Nowadays, Snowflake is a public company worth $83bn.