NSW Police using AI for CCTV footage analysis

To get to the bottom of a murder and assault investigation, the New South Wales Police Force is turning to Microsoft Azure for help.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), they are combing through 14,000 pieces of CCTV footage for evidence.

Microsoft said that the force is replacing more than 200 legacy systems with cloud-based alternatives.

This digital transformation process will forever change the way that the force analyses CCTV footage.

The AI/ML-infused Insights policing platform offers superior speeds and can process 14,000 pieces of CCTV footage in a matter of hours.

Microsoft claims that the very same process would have taken many weeks to months.

In a matter of days, detectives were able to piece together the time sequence of interactions, movements and events tied to the person of interest.

After this, they put the data in a geospatial platform for the purposes of visualisation.

The platform has the capacity to turn voice into text, thus streamlining the transcription of police interviews.

It can also piece together CCTV and dash-cam footage and search for objects.

According to Gordon Dunsford of NSW Police, it can recognise locations, objects and vehicles.

NSW Police is using a containerisation strategy to parcel up data and make it ready for rapid interpretation, after which it is sent to Azure for processing.

An Integrated Policing Operating System (IPOS) is also in the works.

It will replace a 27-year-old central database to store data related to the following:

  • Firearms
  • Arrests and charges
  • Criminal investigations
  • Forensics
  • Public reports
  • Complaints
  • Triple zero calls

It acts as the go-to spot for analysing a person of interest, and police officers can also share MobiPols.

Microsoft added that the system offers advanced insights such as warning that a particular household acts in an antagonistic way towards the police.