Not enough digital transformation projects focus on user experience, study finds

Kony’s new study finds that digital transformation projects tend to focus too much on technology optimisation rather than on user experience.

To bring you these results, 800 consumers and 800 executives were surveyed. The following industries were examined:

– Banking

– Utilities

– Healthcare

– Retail

As it turns out, only 19% of customers noticed any improvement, despite the $4.7 trillion that was invested in making the changes. This indicates that most digital transformation efforts lack visibility. On the other hand, customers are not giving enough credit to businesses and acknowledging the size of investments they are making in this direction.

The problem with most of these projects is that they’re internally focused (68%) rather than focusing on customer experience (28%). According to the respondents, only 4% of these initiatives focus on the employees.

Since 62% of customers feel like spending more money if the customer experience feels flawless, it’s a real shame that companies aren’t fully taking this into account. The report does say, however, that leading companies recognise the need for change and take the risks wherever needed.

In other words, customer-focused organisations are the ones that are seeing success, while the technologically-focused ones, those working on cost reduction, workflow productivity, better internal collaboration, and so forth, are lagging behind.

Of course, depending on your chosen field, there are sound business reasons to focus on the latter rather than the former, but the study certainly does provide much-needed food for thought.