Norfolk enjoying fibre broadband earlier than expected

It has been revealed that the initial stage of the roll-out of superfast residential and business broadband in Norfolk has been completed earlier than expected and came in under budget.

The Better Broadband for Norfolk programme, which is a partnership between BT and Norfolk County Council, has now reached more than 185,000 properties since work began three years ago. The first phase of the programme was not scheduled to be finished until December, with the early completion also resulting in more properties being reached than expected.

More than 80% of people in the county can now access the faster broadband services they need. This figure will rise by March next year when the second phase of the project will be up and running. Areas that will benefit from the second phase include Broom, North Creake, Gorleston, Cawston, Topcroft and Wymondham.

The MD of BT’s next generation access section, Bill Murphy, said the news that the project has been completed early is “a fantastic achievement”. He added that this is a good demonstration of the successful partnership between BT and the county council and that the hard work will continue to complete the next phase.

The second phase of the project, which is worth more than £17m, means that coverage will reach around 90% in the county. The five district councils in the county have provided £7m of the funding, with £5.3m provided by BT. The aim of improved broadband infrastructure is to help to create more jobs in the county.