Nokia launches new enterprise IoT packages

With the aim of easing the process of setting up enterprise connected-things services, Nokia has launched new IoT packages.

Together, they were designed to cover the following areas:

– Logistics

– Smart agriculture

– Livestock management

– Asset management

These are all built on Nokia’s IoT infrastructure which is known for its level of services support and connectivity. To capitalise on IoT technology still being in its infancy and the challenges of bringing it all together and making it work, Nokia’s WING (Worldwide IoT Network Grid) was designed to be a one-stop shop for all your IoT connectivity needs.

The main idea is to provide a relatively simple solution for enterprises to do away with the need of working with multiple technology providers.

Nokia’s new packages are as follows:

  1. Livestock Management as-a-Service

Through the use of biosensors and tracking devices, monitoring the state of animal health becomes a breeze.

  1. Asset Management as-a-Service

This allows for central monitoring of products. To offer the service, Nokia has opted to collaborate with leading brands.

  1. Logistics as-a-Service

By using this service, companies can efficiently track supply chain incidents, as well as optimise process and delivery efficiency.

  1. Smart Agriculture as-a-Service

Using this service makes it possible to capture and analyse environmental, crop and soil data. After going through the findings of the analysis, farmers can manage their crops in a manner that is more effective and efficient. In practical terms, this allows them to save money on pesticides, fertilisers and irrigation.