Nokia launches an innovative IoT platform

Nokia has launched an innovative IoT platform that allows for smart city video surveillance, parking management, and the incorporation of other sensors. Additional details will be revealed at Mobile World Congress.

The platform was designed to connect several types of services, such as:

  1. Sensing as a Service

This enhances the IoT networks with analytics and other data services. For example, by using this technology, it will be possible to automatically detect an illegal construction attempt and other environmental changes. Sensing as a Service is based on blockchain technology and enables smart contracts.

  1. IoT for smart cities

This is a modular integrated framework through which scale-up services and smart city management consoles will be unified. According to Nokia, the Integrated Operations Center can drive revenue and save costs.

  1. S-MVNO

Secure mobile virtual network operator for public safety provides a very important function: cities that decide to implement it will be well-equipped to offer broadband services to public safety agencies.

Nokia, a company that has gained recognition for its devices, is also a key network infrastructure provider. The company, right along with other players in the telecommunications equipment industry, is forecasting that IoT, 5G, and smart cities will drive revenue in the years to come.

IDC estimates that by 2021, smart cities will spend $135 billion on technology.

If you would like to know more about Nokia’s upcoming IoT innovations, you’re welcome to attend the Mobile World Congress that is scheduled to start on Sunday.