New tools for hybrid cloud users


Microsoft has improved some of its management tools to help IT professionals to deal with hybrid cloud systems, which are getting more complicated.

A new System Centre 2016 Preview has been made available along with the Operations Management Suite. The system centre consists of a range of management tools that include figuration management and operations management. The aim of the centre is to help with the management of an on-site data centre. The operations management suite has been created to help run the hybrid cloud system.

The corporate VP of Enterprise Cloud at Microsoft, Mike Neil, says that IT hybrid cloud is now the reality. For IT departments, the challenge is now to manage traditional IT systems alongside the new cloud systems. The preview of the new centre is part of a range of systems to help with managing these systems.

IT professionals will be able to manage their infrastructure on-site and allow for possible expansion in the future. New capabilities offered by the system centre include support to assist in the management of the Nano Server hosts, and assistance with the use of the new networking components in Windows Server 2016. Support is also offered for Storage Spaces Direct. The system is designed to allow administrators to deal with problems much more quickly.

The Windows management has been given an upgrade and there is a range of support for the features of the new Windows 10 operating system. A new version of Windows Server has also been released with a wider reach of security to help combat cyberattacks.