New technical hub proposed for Suffolk

It has been revealed that there are plans for a technical hub in Suffolk.

The project, which will be known as Create Tech, will offer up to 35 units for businesses. Facilities provided will include server rooms, conference facilities, special units for startup businesses, educational projects, and some of the best business broadband speeds in the area. The project, which is still awaiting the green light, would be the first of its kind in the area. The town earmarked for the project is Stowmarket.

The total area for the hub will be at least 30,000 square feet and two-thirds of this has already been earmarked by businesses interested in the project. The plans already have the approval of Mid Suffolk District Council and the town’s Chamber of Commerce. Support will be offered for technical startups and the hub will boost the number of skilled technical job opportunities in the region.

The educational programmes on offer would include coding, digital marketing and design. It is also hoped that the hub would be able to link up with other facilities around the region to form a ‘tech corridor’ running from Framlingham to Cambridge.

A couple of sites have already been considered as the location for the hub. Gerard Brewster, the council’s portfolio holder for economy and Stowmarket regeneration, said that the council is committed to the project and there are ongoing discussions with a number of agencies on the matter of funding for the sites and the facilities. It is hoped that the site will launch in January 2017.