New South Wales citizens to receive digital driver’s licenses

The trials in Dubbo have been completed successfully and now citizens from New South Wales can expect to receive a digital driver’s license.

According to Christian Wood, Service NSW chief product officer, they’re planned to go live in the middle of 2018. He revealed this information on Tuesday while speaking at the Overcoming the Challenges of Digital Transformation conference in Canberra.

The first batch of digital licenses was made available back in 2016. Citizens were given the option to renew their licenses through the app, without the tiring yet otherwise mandatory visit to the Service NSW centre.

Through the Service NSW smartphone app, it’s possible to contest, pay and view infringement notices. According to Wood, however, adding the digital license to the app’s functionality wasn’t as straightforward as you might think, and it was a rather costly project as well.

Prior to beginning the development of a digital driver’s license, they needed to consider a range of factors such as what the government is doing, the number of stakeholders, the technology available, and the nature of the product. Wood was not certain about the level of public interest in the final product.

Since September, South Australians have had the option to store a digital driver’s license on their smartphones.

In July 2014, numerous government services were brought together by Service NSW:

  • Deaths and marriages
  • Births
  • Small business support

Wood was able to confirm that Service NSW has 50 per cent of government service delivery as its duty.