New smart office analytics platform launched by Steelcase

Steelcase, an office furniture maker, has launched a new smart office analytics platform that takes advantage of the IoT technology with Microsoft Azure. Its sensors will be employed to measure how well physical space is being used and then allow for optimisation.

This is another example of digital transformation, and Steelcase is embarking on a journey towards becoming a workplace productivity company.

The company will be launching two new software platforms: Workplace Advisor and Personal Assistant. Enterprises are likely to turn towards smart offices in the future since collaborative areas and huddle rooms are becoming the trend.

Steelcase found that 42 per cent of employees are saying that it is hard to do creative work in the office, and 46 per cent of an office may go unused since employees tend to look for better and more inspired surroundings to get the work done.

Workplace Advisor and Personal Assistant, the company’s two new software tools, revolve around a service subscription, optimised sensors, and an ongoing analytics subscription.

Workplace Advisor is built on Microsoft Azure and collects usage data on how workspaces are performing. The data is then analysed so that the software can recommend workspace optimisation changes.

Personal Assistant is an app that relies on combining Microsoft Office 365 with analytics in order to be a concierge to find people, places and meeting areas. It can also make a recommendation on what areas are the most suitable for a specific task.