New smart lights in San Diego

If you decide to take a stroll down the busy San Diego streets, you’ll probably notice that some streetlights have become a bit bulkier in the middle. There’s a simple reason behind it: San Diego officials have decided to install IoT technology that will allow them to track air pollution, listen for gunshots, and determine empty parking spots.

The IoT gadgets they’ve installed also monitor other things like temperature and humidity.

There will be 50 smart streetlights in San Diego to start out with. These will be installed in the city’s most busy corners. After a bit of time, the number will increase to 3,200, and apart from sensing empty parking spots, they will also be used for alerting traffic enforcement officers of illegally parked cars.

By using these gadgets, the city expects to learn which areas are the most dangerous and should be redesigned. These IoT-powered streetlights will also be able to pinpoint the source of gunfire. By connecting to the ShotSpotter network, they will be able to locate where the shot came from by scanning an area much broader than 10 square kilometres.

If these devices recognise a dangerous situation, by detecting glass breaking or car crashing sounds, for example, the police will be alerted automatically, with the exact whereabouts of the dangerous situation attached.

Much of the data gathered by these smart lights will be publicly available. Over time, developers will be able to use that data to develop various apps, such as one capable of determining the quietest walking route.