New project management app to help businesses

Businessman working on tablet computer - producing chartsIt has been revealed that Microsoft has launched a new app for project management assistance called Planner.

The new app has been designed to help companies and other teams work together and to track progress. It is a free app and is part of the Office 365 suite, integrating with other Microsoft apps such as Outlook and OneNote. Experts consider that the new app is not particularly unique, with other similar apps already on the market. It is designed to work like a digital whiteboard, where you can leave notes for other team members and attach files for easy access.

However, it is thought that the app will attract interest from those who prefer to use products designed by an established name in IT rather than a start-up. Microsoft has helped the local government in Portugal’s Cascais to move over to the new planner. It is thought that many others will follow suit.

Project management apps are becoming a very important part of business, particularly when online collaboration is required. The vast majority of companies and organisations are using planning apps to organise and complete projects, but there are still plenty of businesses that rely on Excel spreadsheets for day-to-day planning. As other companies are encroaching on Microsoft’s territory with free software for office use, Microsoft is responding by snapping up some of the best app developers around. It now has apps such as Wunderlist, Sunrise, and Acompli in its portfolio, in addition to beginning to develop its own apps.