New mobile cloud solutions from Mitel

Mitel has announced the launch of a range of new mobile cloud computing solutions designed to boost collaborations within a variety of industries.

The Mobile Cloud Suite from Mitel offers a number of different services, including VoWiFi, VoLTE and Advanced Messaging. Companies can also make use of the Mobile Multi-ID to divide one device into business and personal use, thereby reducing the number of devices required in the workplace. The business phone lines and personal phone lines each have their own identity.

The benefits of these new cloud services can be accessed by a number of different industries, from education to sports to healthcare, according to the Mitel CEO Rich McBee. He explained: “This enables a workplace that is ready for the mobile future and the benefits of the connected world brought on by M2M (machine-to-machine) and the Internet of Things.”

Mitel has also launched a new tool called MiTeam, which offers collaboration services such as video meetings, screen sharing and content collaboration. These services can be shared with colleagues, customers, vendors and other partners.

The senior research director for VoIP, UC and IMS at IHS, Diane Myers, said that cloud computing applications and mobile services are now becoming a bigger part of everyday business. She added that Mitel has taken a number of steps in the last year to address the transformation that is taking place within the business world and that its announcement shows that there is a real need for communication services in real time.