New IoT storage cards by Western Digital

Recently, Western Digital announced that they will be releasing new IoT storage cards designed to support a new level of storage capacity.

Allegedly, these 64-layer 3D NAND products are equipped to handle both extreme shock and vibration as well as extended temperatures.

iNAND IX EM132 EFD are the first of its kind to offer 256GB capacity, which is more than suitable for large video files.

In addition to that, consumer applications relying on machine learning, sensor fusion, and advanced operating systems will have more room to thrive.

Western Digital has come out with another announcement.

Soon, they will be releasing new microSD and SD cards suitable for edge computing and industrial usage.

These are designed to work well with all sorts of smart city deployments, relying on sensors via gateways to gather data for IoT.

Oded Sagee, senior director at Western Digital’s Device Group, is pleased to welcome this revolutionary new product.

The trends state that an increasing number of devices and industrial applications are applying AI and ML algorithms to get actionable insights into real-time data.

As things are right now, this creates an increased need for versatile and durable storage solutions.

According to him, these are industrial-grade storage solutions.

In other words, they are more than capable of enabling the following for IoT devices:

– Reliability

– Endurance

– Low power

As it goes without saying, IoT gear such as gateways, robotics, AI-enabled devices, drones, and edge computing products will benefit from this.