A new IoT partnership between Onecom and Vodafone

Onecom and Vodafone have signed a 5-year partnership contract. Together, they will be expanding the choices of IoT services available to UK businesses.

The new partnership will enable them to jointly develop, launch, and manage, a wide array of tools. Onecom will be tasked with deploying Vodafone’s global IoT managed connectivity, as well as the platform itself, and the services. This will allow businesses to use connected solutions within their organisations.

Additionally, Onecom will develop its own IoT services, which will be boosted by Vodafone’s global platform and IoT connectivity.

Onecom’s Aaron Brown mentioned that the company will be focusing on its IoT services for the next 5 years and onwards. According to his words, the new partnership allows them to realise their vision of providing business owners with a simple way to deploy IoT technology across their organisations. This should give them the edge over their competition, as well as opening a myriad of possibilities in a connected world.

Vodafone’s Helen Freestone added that specialist knowledge and expertise is needed in order to maximise the benefits of adopting this technology. She is confident that the partnership will prove to be beneficial, since the two companies in question have a proven track record of successfully working together, and they already have a successful Unified Communications partnership in place.

About Onecom:

Onecom is a unified communications company headquartered in Hampshire with 12 regional offices, which include Norwich, Leeds, and London. Currently, Onecom manages 325,000 mobile connections and more.