A new IoT lab in Norway by Wireless Trondheim and Telenor Group

Wireless Trondheim and Telenor group have partnered up to open an innovative new IoT lab in Norway. The IoT ProtoLab has been designed for students, developers, and startups looking to rapidly prototype products and services pertaining to IoT.

Scheduled to open in early 2018, this will be a centre for innovation, specifically focusing on Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies and applications. It will also promote collaboration and sharing of expertise.

The partners have chosen FAKTRY, at Sluppen in Trondheim, to be the lab’s new home. Opening in November this year, FAKTRY is a community for ambitious startups in hardware-centric disciplines.

Wireless Trondheim has enabled a city-wide IoT testbed to support the testing and piloting of IoT services in Trondheim. It will be connected to Start IoT, Telenor’s non-commercial offering. This will provide the following:

– A physical LPWA pilot network

– Access to IoT devices

– A backend system

This should allow for prototyping, as well as development, of IoT services in a relatively affordable manner.

Start IoT is not the only thing Telenor plans to offer. Their services will include mentorship, collaboration with key IoT partners for student projects and hackathons, and internship support in the lab. The first ProtoLab hackathon will be held in November, organised by Wireless Trondheim, Telenor, and Pycom.

The event will span two days and aims to gather the power of the city’s creative development minds, startups, and students. Together, they will be solving real-life business problems using IoT technology.