New Forrester report predicts digital transformation trends in 2019

According to Forrester Research, robotics, AI, and IoT will play a key role in the digital transformation trends of 2019. Here are the key takeaways:

  1. Enterprises will be looking to optimise the costs

In 2019, enterprises will focus their digital transformation efforts to further reduce costs. This includes:

– Launching digital products

– Process automation

– Redirecting customers to digital channels

  1. AI will be the backbone of progress

In 2018, AI was surely put to a good use, but due to being too horizontal and having insufficient information architecture, it did not reach its full potential. In the future, however, organisations could be better equipped to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

  1. Robotics will reshape talent management

Forrester made a prediction that 7% of jobs that can be automated, will be automated. Moreover, the employees will need to learn to work alongside digital workers. The report predicts that the savvy talent leaders will be resourceful enough to use automation to help them with talent scarcity squeeze.

  1. IoT will become bigger than ever before

The report estimates that 85% of businesses will either implement or plan to implement IoT solutions. While the world of B2C IoT implementation is still somewhat shaky, B2B IoT implementation is about to take off in 2019. So what role will IoT play in the B2B environment? There’s a whole lot of potential for improvement, including:

– Making processes more efficient

– Personalising the customer experience

– Connecting the enterprise