New features coming to Office 365 in November

Microsoft is introducing new features to Office 365 in November. In concrete terms, Word and PowerPoint will be receiving new content creation capabilities.

Soon, Word and PowerPoint users will be able to embed 3D animations into their documents. There’s another thing that PowerPoint users have in store for them – as part of the new updates, it will now be possible to convert digital pen ink into text on a slide. Moreover, selecting an image and having it converted to text will now be an option.

Via the Designer features, PowerPoint users will be getting curated slide recommendations. According to Microsoft, converting text into curated slides is made possible via using AI and natural-language processing technologies.

Are you editing documents on your tablet with a digital pen? Then you’ll be pleased to know that the Ink Editor is getting new gestures, which includes the following:

– Adding missing words

– Deleting and highlighting content

– Inserting new lines

In November, Microsoft will also begin rolling out a new feature that allows you to create an interactive web page in just a couple of clicks from a simple Word document. This should come in handy if you often find yourself having to publish newsletters and other similar content. To use the new feature if you’re an Office 365 subscriber, select File – Transform – then select a style.

Everything mentioned above will soon become accessible to you if you’re an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscriber.