New data centre boosts Newcastle’s tech sector

Abstract of modern high tech internet data center room with rows of racks with network and server hardware.

It has been revealed that Newcastle University is building a new £30 million data centre that will help to create around 1,000 jobs.

The northeastern region of the UK has a burgeoning tech sector and the new data innovation centre will help to give this the boost that it needs. The data centre will allow local companies to work alongside academics to develop the relevant skills and resources that are needed to take advantage of the opportunities that the digital sector offers. The centre will be funded jointly by the university and the government.

The region’s technical businesses have been calling for an Institute of Technology to be developed in the area. Experts have said that northeastern UK is in a strong position ‘to take a leadership role in the development and deployment of smart data’. The aim is to build bridges between academia and commercial entities. R&D has already been strong in the region in the technology sector and the new data innovation centre will help to develop this even further.

The director of Newcastle University’s Digital Institute, Professor Paul Watson, has said that the new data innovation centre can help companies to make the most of big data, cloud computing, and other digital technologies that are deemed essential for businesses today. The leader of the city council, Nick Forbes, has confirmed that 1,000 new jobs are set to be created and that it could have both ‘national and international significance’ for digital technology, as well as boosting the economic growth of Newcastle.