New cybersecurity features coming to Gmail

Despite the fact that mass ransomware attacks seem to be decreasing, targeted attacks are taking their place and becoming the trend. In response, Google will be implementing new cybersecurity features for Gmail.

Ransomware attacks can cause substantial financial repercussions for an organisation. To name an example, Norsk Hydro, a Norwegian metal giant, was forced to shell out $40 million because of this.

To fight these attacks, Gmail scanners will now go through embedded scripts that are delivered via attachments. To some degree, this was done before, but now, the scanners will actually simulate opening the attachments to check what’s inside, just as if a real user were to click and open them.

Originally, the new cybersecurity feature was announced in April, but now, G Suite users are free to give it a spin.

If you’re familiar with the Microsoft Office 365 cybersecurity features, such as the Advanced Threat Protection that’s available to enterprise customers, you’ll notice many similarities. In addition to that, G Suite users will also receive advanced phishing protection.

Google promises that whenever a fraudulent domain is detected in an email targeted at organisations, a warning banner will be displayed to warn the reader. Moreover, the ‘confidential mode’ is now being rolled out. This option allows the sender to restrict what the recipient can do with the contents of the message, including attempts to copy, download or forward it.

To ensure that the email falls into the right pair of hands, the sender can request a text message authentication from the recipient before its contents becomes viewable.