A new cybersecurity centre launched by BT

BT, a telecommunications provider, and the New South Wales government have made it official; a new cybersecurity research and development centre is launching in Sydney.

The new cybersecurity hub will provide more than 170 jobs in the following fields:

– Cloud computing

– Data analytics

– Cybersecurity

– Machine learning

– Software engineering

– Big data engineering

Due to the new hub, 172 new job positions will emerge during the next five years, which includes 38 graduate positions. According to BT, it will expand on the already-existing security operations centre (SOC) which can be found in North Sydney.

To support the centre, NSW government’s Jobs department invested AU$1.67 million towards the project, while BT invested AU$2 million.

Matt Kean, the state’s Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, is very pleased with the expected expansion. He believes that it will boost the local economy, as well as protect governments, industries, enterprises, and even entire nations, from potential cyberattacks.

In a statement made on Monday, BT said that this is their first R&D facility outside of UK that deals with cybersecurity, and will employ highly qualified professionals.

According to Kean, the NSW government has high hopes that the newly-launched centre will attract IT talent in the state. In July, the same government invested AU$10 million towards the development of accelerators and incubators, as well as AU$3 million in the form of direct grants to startups. Apart from that, they also provided AU$96 million to the NSW Initiative-related jobs.