New cloud computing datacentre for Alibaba

It has been announced that the Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba will be opening a second datacentre in the US.

The plans are part of the company’s scheme to expand its Aliyun cloud computing sector. The news was announced at a conference in Beijing and it is hoped that the new datacentre will be up and running within a few months. Alibaba’s first datacentre in the US, which is located in Silicon Valley, has been open for four months.

There are also plans to open new centres in Europe, Japan and Singapore, and the company has announced that it will be putting a ‘data protection pact’ in place. The president of Aliyun, Simon Hu, said that the pact is designed to protect the privacy of consumers and business data. He explained that the company wants to push cloud computing forward and make big data “a driving force of economic development” and confirmed that Aliyun will continue to develop a cloud computing system that meets the needs of clients around the world.

The company processes more than 100TB of data each day to identify security threats such as software problems, malware and the use of unsafe IP addresses. Surveys regularly show that many companies are reluctant to use cloud computing because they have concerns about security, with the Cloud Industry Forum saying that cloud providers need to take a more responsible approach to the issues that are affecting the industry to put consumers’ minds at rest.