New business broadband rollout

Business broadbandA new business broadband rollout has started as BT is now launching its ultrafast fibre-optic lines.

The first phase of the project is set to be unveiled shortly and will help to bring services to two million properties in the country, including some residential areas. This first phase will be completed by 2020. The ultrafast service is set to be faster and more reliable than the service currently available through the older copper lines. This phase of the project is going to target smaller businesses found in business parks and on the high street, and will include Manchester, Salford, Liverpool, Bradford, Bristol, London, Bath. and Bradford.

High streets have been struggling with broadband connections and speed. The cost of this type of service is set to be higher than standard broadband, but much lower than the expensive ethernet services that most businesses have. Installing the lines to businesses will help to make it easier to connect homes at a later date.

The first lines will be put down in Holborn in London and the lines will be open to all broadband providers for their customers’ use. It is hoped that the service can be accessed by the end of the year. The new service could offer speeds of 1Gbps.

Openreach is increasing investment in all-fibre broadband and rivals are being encouraged to invest in their own networks, but another scheme will be in use in most of the country. This will use the older lines and encourage better speeds from them. This plan has resulted in some criticism.