New business broadband roll-out from BT

BT has started upgrading to superfast broadband in no less than 30 UK cities, with properties in London the first to benefit.

The scheme is worth £50m and plans for the initiative were announced in January last year. BT promised the additional funding for fibre broadband and it is hoped that around 400,000 properties will benefit from the scheme. In London alone more than 30,500 properties will be able to take advantage of the faster services.

The scheme will see more than 20,000 properties in Kensington and Chelsea upgraded and more than 10,000 in Greenwich. The work will mean that more than 100,000 properties in the area will have access to faster residential and business broadband services.

BT claims that this new upgrade to the roll-out will allow coverage in London to reach 95%, of which 90% will be covered by Openreach. The CEO of Openreach, Joe Garner, said that the engineers have been working hard to ensure that more than 23 million premises across the country can access the faster services. He also praised the new investment and technology that is making this possible.

BT has not yet confirmed which other cities will benefit from the new services. Upgrades will also be carried out to city cabinets, which was not in the original plans, and there will be the provision of services to a number of apartment blocks through fibre to the remote node technology