New Azure-VMware integrations announced

Dell, a majority shareholder in VMware, and Microsoft are entering an extended partnership. The two IT giants will serve their users by providing a VMware experience on Microsoft Azure that is certified, supported, and fully native.

Introducing the Azure VMware Solutions, users will soon be able to enjoy a common operating framework for managing, running, and securing applications across both Azure and VMware.

As part of the arrangement, users will be able to use:

– vSphere


– vSAN

– vCenter

In essence, Azure VMWare Solutions aim to allow for extending and redeploying VMware workloads on Microsoft Azure in a completely native manner. You will be able to integrate support for VMware workloads on Microsoft Azure with the following:

– IoT

– Azure AI

– Azure Active Directory

Furthermore, there is another announcement coming straight from the Microsoft camp. If you’re using the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, you’ll be pleased to know that the VMware Workspace ONE, the application management platform, is now a part of it.

In other words, Workspace ONE users were granted the ability to manage and secure Microsoft Office 365 features on a myriad of devices. This was made possible due to the newly available integration with Azure Active Directory Premium and Microsoft Intune.

Soon, Workspace ONE will receive an update, allowing users to take it and integrate it with relevant Intune programming interfaces.

Apart from that, VMware is making plans to extend the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop. According to company officials, the tech preview of initial capabilities will be available by the end of 2019.