New Attack Surface Analyzer version 2.0 released by Microsoft

The new version of the Attack Surface Analyzer program, now at 2.0, was primarily built for Microsoft Windows, but also works on Linux and Mac.

The tool is designed to track any changes made to the OS when you install third-party applications. It has had quite an important role in the last seven years, and both administrators and cybersecurity experts have frequently used it. Since it has the capacity to highlight any changes made to the operating system and mark any apps that could cause trouble, it’s an invaluable tool for hunting down any form of malware.

App developers are another group of users who greatly benefit from having such a tool. During development, bugs are a reality, and the developer’s task is to prevent the release of software that could seriously mess up a user’s operating system.

To download the new version of Attack Surface Analyzer, head on over to GitHub. Microsoft has made the software open-source. If you want to get the old 1.0 for any reason, you can still do so by heading over to Microsoft’s download centre. For easier navigation, it has been renamed as the “classic” version.

Finally, a couple of tips for those who want to use the tool. First off, you’ll notice there are two sections; one for starting the scan and the second one for reviewing the results. You can launch a static scan or execute the live monitoring mode.

The static scan mode shows the before and after state, which comes in handy before and after installing an app. The live scan mode runs all the time.