New admin controls, dark mode and more Microsoft OneDrive updates

There are some exciting changes on the horizon for Microsoft OneDrive.

The new updates include:

  • Dark mode
  • An increase in file upload limit
  • New admin controls

These new features are designed to facilitate collaboration and file sharing as people embrace working from home as the new norm.

First, we have the file size boost, which affects both SharePoint and OneDrive.

The upload file size limit was previously capped at 15GB – it will now be 100GB.

To alleviate the strain on users’ eyes, Microsoft is introducing dark mode, which will be available across personal and commercial accounts.

Soon, desktop users will also be able to take advantage of it.

There is also a new feature referred to as ‘Add to OneDrive’.

This essentially makes it easier to add shared folders straight to OneDrive.

Following the trend set by other 365 apps, users will get the option to send file-sharing links to others.

This includes individuals that are part of the same workgroup and even outsiders.

It will soon be easier for OneDrive users to share browser URL addresses with coworkers.

Until now, shared libraries with mandatory metadata used to be synchronised as read-only.

With the changes rolling out, read and write sync for shared libraries will also be supported.

This is being introduced to add structure and compliance to users’ files.

If a file changes shared library location, every user with original access to it will receive a link to the new location and will retain all of the previously allocated permissions.

As part of new file protection features, users will be able to enjoy automatic classification with sensitivity labels.

Setting automatic external access expiration will now also be an option.

For more information regarding the changes, visit the official Microsoft blog.