Netcomm Wireless introduces new industrial IoT device

Netcomm Wireless, an Australian communications equipment company, has launched a new industrial IoT device allowing for 4G LTE connectivity meant for devices with low bandwidth and low power.

Netcomm NTC-100, as the new IoT device is called, can connect to both narrowband IoT and Cat M1 networks. Previously, certain smaller applications were too expensive to connect, but now, with its help, monitoring, compiling and tracking data from them should be a breeze.

According to the company behind it, businesses will no longer need to rely on proprietary, unlicensed networks, since they’ll be able to connect directly via LTE networks. Their officials said that LTE networks can be used for a wide range of purposes on a global level:

– Farm monitoring

– Smart metering

– Monitoring of environmental conditions

– Smart city applications

Additionally, the device is also capable of running advanced diagnostics and executing commands via SMS. It was built to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as vibrations and extreme temperature, making it a perfect fit for automotive, industrial and commercial environments.

Earlier this week, the company also announced an extension of its contract to supply the NBN company with equipment for its FttC network. Apart from the four-port models currently being shipped to NBN, an additional 10-thousand 8-port and 16-port versions of Netcomm’s DPUs will be supplied with it.

The company explained that the models with additional ports will allow higher-density premises to receive FttC connections. Combined with the technology, they also enable higher speeds.