MSPaint not quite ready to bite the dust yet

Instead of retiring it in favour of Paint 3D, Microsoft is adding new features. One of these is the ability to issue commands via a keyboard.

As of right now, MSPaint is 34 years old. In the May 2019 update due to be released in a couple of weeks, once it goes live, Microsoft Windows users will be able to get a feel for what it’s like to control it with arrow keys and SPACEBAR. If you want to scroll the canvas, hold down the CTRL key while pressing the arrows.

There are other useful control points you can use. For instance, pressing TAB will navigate clockwise, while SHIFT + TAB will navigate counter-clockwise.

That being said, the future of MSPaint is still yet to be determined. Originally, Microsoft was planning to have it as an app in the Microsoft Store.

MSPaint was also improved upon in the accessibility department. In concrete terms, its interaction with screen-reader accessibility tools has been enhanced, with Windows Narrator being just one such example.

Over the past year or so, Microsoft focused on a wide range of accessibility projects. This is an area where the company has chosen to take part in contributing to the Chromium project. Accessibility is also one of the main priorities in their AI projects. Speaking of which, head on over to Microsoft’s official website to learn all about the 2019 winners of AI for Accessibility grants.

For those who are interested in MSPaint and the entire overview of its new features, additional details are available on the Windows Insider official blog.