MP calls for faster broadband in Suffolk

A Suffolk MP has called for BT to provide faster and more efficient residential and business broadband in the region.

Dr Dan Poulter spoke in the House of Commons about the superfast broadband roll-out, which he believes is the most important issue for the region at the moment. Farms and schools in the county have been suffering from poor-quality broadband service and a number have been waiting for the faster broadband services for several years, while others who have already seen the faster broadband installed are finding that it is not living up to the hype.

Suffolk and Norfolk were among the first counties in the UK to sign up for the faster services. The MP has admitted that the scheme is actually running really well, with another 100,000 residential and business premises set to be connected within a few months; however, he is concerned that BT is not dealing with the issue of remote areas properly.

Some industrial estates and business parks are not getting the faster business broadband they were promised, Mr Pouter added, and other MPs in the region agree; for example, Peter Aldous (Waveney) is concerned that BT has not invested enough in the project. Dr Poulter has also raised concerns that the faster service is only fast when local usage is low.

The culture minister, Ed Vaizey, commented at the debate that he believes BT has some issues with customer service, such as not keeping customers informed about delays.

Concerns have been raised about business broadband service in the region before.