Most CIOs fear exposure with new data law

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New research has suggested that 90% of CIOs believe that the new data security laws being brought in by the EU will leave them exposed.

The CIOs have demonstrated that they have a lack of confidence in the systems that are designed to protect data when it is being shared with others. More than three quarters of CIOs have said that they are becoming increasingly frustrated that even though there is technology such as encryption designed to protect data, some employees just are not bothering with it. This means that their company is much more vulnerable.

Around three-quarters of those who took part in the study have said that they are committed to improving their processes for data sharing due to the new regulations. However, just a fifth of all companies are putting any focus on an accidental breach, even though around 93% of data security breaches happen accidentally.

A number of high profile breaches took place in 2015, which is perhaps one of the main reasons why companies are focusing on preventing external hackers from accessing data. The research has also shown that other important issues for companies include the additional pressure that will be felt by IT help desks and any disruption to work processes.

The new regulations state that companies will be required to notify the relevant authorities within 72 hours of any data security breach and failing to comply could incur fines running into millions of pounds for larger companies. Industry experts are calling upon businesses to reconsider priorities in order to avoid issues when the new regulation comes into force.