More in-house control for cloud computing

A number of cloud computing providers are placing more emphasis on the experience of IT operations teams.

One provider, for example, has created additional support for customers using its cloud computing service. One of the reasons for this is that in-house IT teams are keen to gain access to the tools that will give them more managing control over the cloud services, with the team often using an infrastructure that covers a variety of applications.

The same company will be adding further support for other products later in the year and it is thought that the growing tendency of IT operations teams to want more control is going to be good for cloud computing. The reason for this is that while developers have a tendency to think in terms of single application instances, IT operation teams want to be able to manage multiple applications and perhaps more than one cloud service provider. If providers are offering the right tools to do this, then clients are more likely to want to stay with them.

It has also been noted that IT operations teams pay more attention to performance issues with infrastructure than the developers do. Some providers believe that ‘bring your own cloud’, which has been very popular, is now making way for a very different approach. This is seen as good news for providers that have been struggling to create good relationships with clients.