More demands for competition in broadband services

A number of Openreach competitors have joined forces to campaign for increased competition in the communications market.

Virgin Media has joined forces with other providers of residential and business broadband infrastructure, such as Zayo and CityFibre, to create the Infrastructure Investors Group (IIG). The group has responded to the Business Connectivity Market Review by calling for a more competitive and pro-investment market.

The IIG has issued a statement confirming that the members are serious investors in the UK’s residential and business broadband infrastructure. The group highlighted Virgin’s Project Lightning, which is worth £3bn, while other members have been overseeing various projects throughout the US and Europe. There are more plans for expansion over the next few years.

The group has promised that it will lobby policymakers and other industry professionals to take advantage of the potential of investment. The group also said it may welcome other members with the same outlook in the near future.

The president of Zayo Group’s international business division, David Howson, said that Zayo is pleased to be a founder member of the IIG. He described the UK fibre market as being at an “exciting time”, as there is a strong demand for faster services, and that the group will be increasing investment to meet market needs. He also confirmed that he believes developing a more open market will encourage more investment.