Mitel’s cloud communications solution named the best business tool for 2019

In a recent Newsweek survey, 10,000 professional software users were questioned. The results are in! As it turns out, Mitel developed a cloud communications solution that had the honour of being named as the best business tool for 2019.

Mitel MiCloud Connect, as the solution is called, won the top spot in the communications category, thus becoming the top VoIP product for 2019.

During the survey, the main criteria businesses use when in the process of choosing the best service provider were taken into consideration. The respondents were asked to rate the providers in the following categories:

– Reliability

– Trust

– Satisfaction

– Service promise

– Security

Among the rest of the questions they were asked was whether they’d recommend the given provider to others and how likely they are to do so. Each product received a ranking between 0 and 100; the higher the number, the better. After the final cuts were made, only those with a ranking of 75 progressed into the final selection.

MiCloud Connect managed to come out on top. Congratulations are in order!

This business solution is designed to cater to your collaboration, telephony and contact centre needs. It’s user-friendly and allows for collaboration from any and all parts of the world. Its function-based pricing ensures that you won’t be paying more than what you absolutely need to. Nowadays, more than 1.4 million users use MiCloud to connect to work on their projects while enjoying industry-grade communication and collaboration features.