Mitel takes first place on RADAR for hosted IP telephony and UCaaS

The 2019 RADAR index crowned Mitel as #1 in the hosted IP telephony and UCaaS department in North America.

These are the key factors behind their success:

– Channel expansion

– Innovation

– Architecture

– Being able to deliver on-premises and cloud solutions

In the process of digital transformation, an increasing number of business owners are looking to implement cloud-based communications, with the end goal being improving their customers’ user experience and increasing efficiency.

RADAR also identified the following strengths when it comes to Mitel and their services:

  • Catering to the needs of different customers (as indicated by MiCloud Flex and MiCloud Connect and their different architectures)
  • Thanks to a single software stream, the transition between on-premises and cloud solutions is smoother
  • A diverse user base has its needs addressed thanks to the comprehensive applications suite
  • Mitel’s proprietary technology allows for rapid innovations and cost-effective scaling
  • The company’s modular solutions allow customers to deploy only what they need and add to that as needed

Of course, Mitel will be continuing to offer even more as we progress into the future. With their private, hybrid, and public deployment solutions, a smooth migration is possible, even for complex tasks. Recently, they have started a partnership with Google, thus allowing them to utilise the Google Cloud Platform for its stability, compliance and security benefits. Furthermore, the platform’s analytics and AI capacities will also be of great use.